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Revolutionising Trade and Cross-Border Payments in the Caribbean

Introducing Carib$, the complementary currency for the Caribbean.

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MVP Goals


C$ Payments in 2023


Participating Countries


Cash backed


Access New Markets & Create New Growth

Carib$ is a complementary currency, operating alongside Caribbean national currencies to bridge the region’s economies and create new markets for your business, making Carib$ a fast track towards CSME.

Carib$ Feature: Simple


Easy to use digital money with a stable value

Carib$ Feature: Secure


Complementary currency securely backed by stable collateral

Carib$ Feature: Fair


Governed by consent of public and private stakeholders

Carib$ Convertible


Sell Carib$ for Caribbean currency at any time
Carib$ Feature: Stable


Consistent and predictable exchange rates
Carib$ Feature: Connected


Integrated with CariBizNet — an opportunity to build connections


How We Are Creating Our Application

We are building our application with you.

September 2022

Proudly presented Carib$ to the public in the 19th Caribbean Telecommunications Union Ministerial Seminar.

October 2022

Workshops with merchants and payment service providers, setting the stage to turn Carib$ into an economic success story for all stakeholders.

June 2023

Beta test phase: putting our technology under pressure to ensure safety and stability.

August 2023

Transaction volume 10,000 Carib$. With a successful proof-of-concept, we can celebrate with Barbadian and Jamaican rum.

January 2024

3 Countries in participation, enhancing the business network effectiveness by giving a third Caribbean nation access.


Caribbean-Wide Payments at Your Fingertips

Caribbean-Wide Payments at Your Fingertips

Making payments across the Caribbean has never been easier. Use the Carib$ Wallet Application for all your payment needs.

Carib$ Payments: Simple Payments
Simple Payments

Send and receive Carib$ at the tap of a button with the easy-to-use wallet application, accessible 24/7 on your computer or mobile device.

Carib$ Payments: Stable Exchange Rates
Stable Exchange Rates

Rest assured that your Carib$ will maintain a stable value against familiar reference assets, like the Barbados and Jamaica Dollar. Stability is created by backing Carib$ with Caribbean currencies, bolstered by active and responsible governance.

Carib$ Payments: New Partnerships
New Partnerships

Grow your business network in CariBizNet, a dynamic marketplace of Carib$ users—the tool for trade development.


By the Caribbean

Responsible and transparent governance is at the heart of Carib$ — ensuring a secure, stable, and growth-minded solution. Carib$ leverages the experience and expertise of public and private-sector stakeholders for its governance.

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